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Test Match Series Ends with Draw Though

Test Match Series Ends with Draw
Though, it was a great match today. Chasing the score of 462 Australian team finished on 362-8. Khawaja followed up first scores 85 with aggressive century. On the other side debutant went back after scoring 72 runs. Pakistan unsuccessful to get first single wicket at the initial phase. Furthermore, Khawaja Usman and Travis Head took a better start. Usman Khawaja added his precious 132 more with Travis at (72). Pakistan remains unsuccessful to get a single wicket at the first phase and continued at 136/3. Captain of Pakistan cricket team Sarfraz Ahmed had likely to take early wickets, but could not do so. Sarfraz Ahmed strained with numerous bowling changes but all in vain. The Cricket team was conferred after dine when the new ball was given to the Pakistani team. At first ball of Hafeez trapped head leg-before with new one. Yasir Shah fired Marnus Labuschagne for only at 13 runs. None of them has effectively rushed more than 418/7.


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