1.1 Executive Summary
Today’s business are becoming more and more competitive. People must buy as much as they can and use it. Provide people with more kinds of bags in as effective a way as possible. Over time, sales will become more competitive and demand for effective sales methods will increase. The key to effective sales is buyer demand and care. That’s why we introduced multiple categories, a unique bag that has the potential to be a very effective luxury item.
Few platforms now offer the maximum resources and purchase items. In fact, most buyers find their shopping desire high, which is the best reason for our sales, and LAZADA is the solution to these and many other problems.
Our product is an exquisite bag. The bag looks attractive and gives the buyer a suitable use experience. We have a very simple and sophisticated design for fashion bags, something no other designer has ever done, including an adjustable length bag that adds volume and aesthetic effect. As a result, the bag has many advantages over the market and other stores, and the price is still competitive.
Our implementation plan for making bags is both economical and efficient. We will purchase leather and other synthetic materials in bulk from wholesale companies to build our own prototypes and thoroughly test our prototypes before starting mass assembly. We estimated our start-up time to complete the first successful prototype, about two months. Our team has expertise in both production and engineering, which will ensure the success of product development.
We believe LAZADA platform will be a very popular choice for business as competition for other brands of luxury becomes fiercer and demands for better quality. We firmly believe that this will prove to be a very worthwhile and profitable investment in the future.