1. Improve energy efficiency: Reducing the amount of energy that people use regularly is an essential part of decreasing the greenhouse gas emissions where we can seal energy leaks in home to driving more fuel-efficient vehicles. (HOW THE GOVERNMENT CAN GO GREEN)
2. Enacting policy: Government can play big role by enacting policies which encourage a quick change to clean energy suck as wind and solar. They should put a tax or fee on carbon and make a law to make it easy for the solar and wind generator to connect with the grid and to cut subside with the fossil fuel industries. (Jeff-Goodell, 2018)
3. Stop forest loss: growing carbon dioxide-eating plants is a huge way to reduce the effect of carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere as part of the photosynthesis process. (HOW THE GOVERNMENT CAN GO GREEN)
4. Develop flexible fuels: Flexible fuels such as hydrogen fuel cell technology would help to allow the efficiently and effectively store of energy from intermittent sources such as the sun and the wind so that the energy could be used as and when needed (HOW THE GOVERNMENT CAN GO GREEN)
5. Replace high-carbon coal with low-carbon gas: Although natural gas gives off carbon dioxide emissions when it is burned, the emissions are much lower than those given off coal by switching power plants.


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